'Mutant Pig With Human Face And Penis On Forehead' Goes Viral



Pictures of a deformed piglet, which was one of the last to be born in a litter of 19, have gone viral. 

As a consequence the farmer who originally posted the photos has been swamped with offers to buy the pig. The pig was born in Nanning, China, with a human face and a penis attached to its forehead. Unfortunately, the pig died after it’s mother rejected it and it refused to drink from a bottle.


Tao Lu, the owner, said: “It was a large litter, and the mutant was one of the last of 19 piglets to be born.

“All the others were normal, just this one was really bizarre.

“It is a shame it died, I could have got more money for it than for the rest of the family put together based on what people were offering me on the phone.”


Such a shame that he died, we hope he wasn’t in any pain.

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