Mother Caught Smiling As She Burns Down Home Of Daughter's Killer


It had been more than five years since her daughter was raped and killed inside the home of Jared Harrell, but Diena Thomspon said seeing it engulfed in flames was ‘cathartic’.

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Diena’s daughter, Somer Thompson, was 7 years old when she was walking home from school near Jacksonville, Florida in October, 2009 with friends and siblings. She ran ahead of the group innocently to pet a dog outside the home where Jared Harrell was staying with his mother. Harrell lured Somer into the house where he raped her then killed her, reports show. Authorities later found Somer’s body in a Georgia landfill.

Harrell is now 29 and is serving six life sentences for the heinous crime. The house eventually went into foreclosure and the bank donated it to a charity set up for Somer. Ms Thompson then made the decision to donate it to the Orange Park Fire Department to use for training exercises.

The fire department were able to use the house for two days to conduct search and rescue training, which crews rarely get to do in a real burning house. On the last day of training the department invited Ms Thompson out and she threw a flare into the house, starting a blaze that would burn the house to the ground.

“I get to burn their house down,”  Ms Thompson told WJXT at the scene. “I am the big bad wolf this time, knocking down your door.”

What a way to have the final word in a tragic situation.

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