Meet The Model With Down Syndrome Who Just Made Fashion History



Jamie Brewer just made her way into the fashion history books.

The American actress, best known for her role in American Horror Story, become the first woman with Down syndrome to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week

The 30-year-old owned the catwalk in designer Carrie Hammer’s show on Thursday morning. She wore a bespoke ensemble which was inspired by her roles on the popular horror series

It’s part of Hammer’s Role Models Not Runway Models campaign, through which the designer is aiming to represent the real women that buy her clothes. 

Brewer told Today “Young girls and even young women … [see me] and say, ‘Hey, if she can do it, so can I. It’s a true inspiration being a role model for any young women to [encourage them] in being who they are, and showing who they are.”

Here are some photos of her in action.





Hammer says that the decision was inspired by the cofounder of non-profit Changing the Face of Beauty. Speaking to Mashable she said. “The second [Brewer and I] chatted, she was an obvious choice. She’s a TV star … and she’s already kind of a fashion icon — she walks red carpets all the time,” 

It’s a refreshing site and a refreshing story. Forwards we move.

Image Credits: Mashable

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