Meet The Guys Who Run Around Cutting Off Stranger's 'Top Knots'


Nope, not kidding. For those of you who remain unfamiliar with what a ‘top knot’ is, it’s a small and often bizarre looking mini bun that some men wear on the top of their heads. Not to be confused, apparently, with a ‘Man Bun’. Two very separate hair styles, according to the makers of this video Derrick Watts & The Sunday Blues .


These ‘top knots’ have become increasingly popular, and are a little like marmite. You either love them, or hate them. And these guys really really hate them. Somewhere in South Africa they ran wild, chopping off stranger’s Top Knots with gay abandon and shouting “Stop the knot”

However, as entertaining as some may find this, we really really don’t recommend you try this at home. Removing another persons hair without their consent is actually classed as an assault and you can be charged for it. It doesn’t matter how much you hate top knots, it’s definitely not worth criminal charges.

What next? Rubbing hair removal cream on strangers’ lumber jack beards?

Check out the video here:

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