Man Who Walks 21 Miles To And From Work Everyday Gets A Big Surprise



56-year-old James Robertson must be as fit as a fiddle. He walks a 21 mile round trip to work and back each day. His story broke yesterday and quickly went viral. Before we tell you the big surprise he got today, watch this video to see just how hardcore James’ journey is. 

After being moved by the sotry 19-year-old student Evan Leedy set up a funding site with a modest $5,000 goal to help the factory worker buy a car.

“I just used my phone. I created the go-funding site and within an hour we had $2,000.” Evan said.

But the giving didn’t stop there. By the time the story went to press $30,000 had been raised. It now stands at $40,000. If it carries on at this rate James will be driving a Ferrari to and from work.

James has been commuting on foot for over a decade; ever since his 1988 Honda Accord stopped running.

His morning mission into work includes an eight-mile walk to the nearest bus stop where he can then jump on a bus, catch a quick nap and ride the rest of the way to work to start his 2 p.m. shift. 

By the time he is off at 10 p.m. there are fewer buses running, so he walks 13 miles before he can catch a bus to his home. He usually doesn’t get in until 4 a.m. 

That is dedication.

A local Chevrolet dealership has said that they will donate James a car so that he can save the money to pay for petrol, maintenance and insurance. Apparently insurance costs a fortune in Detroit, but that doesn’t faze James, he said, “I can work that insurance thing out. It might be tough, but my dad used to say, tough times don’t last — tough people do.”

What a guy.

H/T: Opposing Views, Detroit Free Press

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