Man Shares Heartbreaking Texts From His Wife's Battle With Depression



An imgur user shared his story recently and it has quickly gone viral. Events described below meant that he had to take his wife to a psychiatric hospital, and the texts you see are from that evening. Scroll to the bottom for his full story.


His version of events:

“Half a year or so back, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do – I took my wife to the psych ward. I received the latter texts on the drive home, right before they confiscated her phone, and had to pull over because I had never cried so hard in my life. It was impossible for me to function for an hour, let alone drive.

My wife had been in a state of depression and it had been getting progressively worse. I lied to myself, let her lie to herself, and told the both of us that it would ‘pass with time’ and was as supportive as I was able to. It wasn’t enough.

I came home from school early and walked in on her with my loaded pistol to her head – it was the first time I hit her, and fortunately, the weapon did not go off (multiple safeties on an 1911 that require full control to fire). I carried her to my car, then to the clinic – she cried, pleaded, the whole time. It hurt.

Fast forward five months later and she’s made a remarkable recovery. She is on medication. She continues to go to therapy. But we are as happy as we were when we first met. She laughs. She smiles. She teases. She’s stronger than I will ever be.

Please, if you or a loved one is suffering from depression, get help. I almost lost the love that matters most in my life because I thought of it as a moment that would pass. Yes, there were fleeting lapses of joy in the months leading to this, but that’s what they were – fleeting.

Suicide is never the answer. I love you. Be strong.”

We were so pleased to see that this story has a happy ending. We wish them both the best for the future.

Source: Imgur

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