Did Leonardo DiCaprio Just Hang Rihanna Out To Dry?


Leo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna barely seem to have made it past the opening credits as Hollywood’s hottest new couple according to the latest reports.

The pair have only been seeing each other for a month but it already seems as though Leo, a famous model seducer, has gone and pulled a model right in front of Rihanna.

DiCaprio was spotted hanging with a blonde model at 1Oak in L.A. on Saturday. Radar Online says “they were making out,” while Rihanna was literally feet away. Well, we guess that’s one way of moving on.

It was Rihanna locking lips with Leo back in January when they were spotted kissing at the Playboy mansion.

Since then she had reportedly told him to go on a diet as he was packing a bit more waistline than she was used to. It’s like they jumped from the just met and all excited phase, straight to the married for twenty years, make an effort and lose some goddam weight  phase. 

If this brief relationship is over we’re pretty sure that neither of them will struggle to find potential suitors.

The main losers are the paparazzi on the red carpet who were probably rubbing their at the prospect of snapping the two of them walking hand in hand. 

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