Leaked, Un-Retouched Beyoncé Photos Hit The Net, People Are Freaking Out



A fan site leaked these photos yesterday and now it has gotten a little bit crazy. They are from a 2013 L’Oréal beauty campaign and reveal that Beyoncé, like all humans, has less than perfect skin. 





It has to be better than nudes of yourself plastered all over the web. “OMG look at you without Photoshop!” So, you mean, we are looking at the normal person? Why all the hysteria?

Because it’s Beyoncé, that’s why. She has been unhappy at unflattering photos in the past, and the perception some people have of her being ‘flawless’ is being put stripped to its bare bones and questioned. 

Let’s be clear. She still looks good, just without the usual added gloss that we are used to seeing.

As you can imagine, the Internet went into overdrive on this one.

There was the haters




The realists.


And those who just never believed it to be true




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H/T: Complex, The Daily Dot, The Daily Mail

Image Credits: Twitter, Complex

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