Katie Hopkins Is Back, And This Time Kelly Clarkson Is Her Target


After a brief radio silence (kind of) from Katie Hopkins during her appearance on ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – where she managed to get some of the public to kind of sort of like her –  she’s back in the face of the media; attacking someone far more famous and talented than she is. Smooth. 


Do we all remember Kelly Clarkson? She provided us with the well loved break-up anthem Mr. Know It All among many other pop hits. She took a break from life as a star and has started a family, but is now back on the pop scene. Appearing on The Graham Norton show, Kelly is understandably not looking the same as she did when she started her career. Katie Hopkins is apparently unable to handle this, tweeting:




And with that comes a collective exasperated sigh from the British public. It’s official. Hopkins is back.

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