Kanye West Hits Out With Some Harsh Words For Amber Rose



It seems that Amber Rose has upset her ex, Kanye West, after reports have emerged of him sticking the boot in. Earlier this week Amber and Khloe Kardashian became tangled up in a public slanging match, during which Amber said she had no respect for the Kardashian family and also called Kim a wh**e.

Kanye didn’t take too kindly to Amber’s words. According to The Daily Beast, Kanye said of Amber in an taped segment of “The Breakfast Club, “She’s just soaking in the moment, If Kim had dated me when I wanted, there would be no Amber Rose.”

Kanye helped elevate the career of the then-fledgling model Rose when he dated her back in 2008. The couple broke up in 2010. He goes on to claim that Kim made him take 30 showers to rid himself of the stench of Amber Rose.


We think he’s speaking metaphorically and is basically saying that he had to work extra hard to woo Kim as she was unimpressed with his history with Amber.

But who knows for sure, maybe it really happened and Kanye ticked off boxes each time he came out of the shower as though opening an advent calender on the countdown to Christmas. Maybe his last album was written entirely behind the shower door with him simulating rap battles against a rubber duck.

Maybe it’s time they all moved on and stopped trash-talking each other…

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