This Interview With A Killer Proved To Be Beyond Crazy



Some of you may already be familiar with one of Australia’s most infamous criminals, Mark “Chopper” Read. He had sold over 500,000 books worldwide and at one point was a columnist for FHM. Seems harmless enough, right? Maybe not, this is one guy you’d never want to get on the wrong side of. 

Renee Brack was a young television reporter in Australia and one of her first assignments was to interview Read. Brack managed to track Read to his Tasmania hideout in the late ’90s. This is where the interview took place.

As a young man, Read gained his reputation in Australia’s criminal underground by robbing drug dealers. Later, he began torturing other criminals for money. His preferred torture tools were a blowtorch and a pair of bolt cutters. Between the ages of 20 and 38 Read was only out of prison for a total of 13 months.


Read died from liver cancer in 2013


This is the interview that went on to be broadcast throughout the world. At the end you will see him force Brack to play Russian roulette with him against her will. This wasn’t included in the original interview as shown on Australian TV.

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