Here's Exactly How Much Sex Is In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'


50 shades

It’s creeping closer and closer. The big release of Fifty Shaes of Grey is less than two weeks away and speculation has begun on just how much sex there will be in the film. Well, according to The Sunday Times, the movie sex encyclopedia Mr. Skin reports that it will include exactly 20 steaming minutes of sex, which equates to one-fifth of the film’s 100-minute run time.

If you’re a tantric enthusiast or one of the people that has helped Pornhub become the world’s 75th most visited website then 20 minutes may sound a little stingy considering that’s just about all the book is known for. You shouldn’t get too grouchy about it though, according to New Republic men finish intercourse within two minutes 45% of the time anyway.

What will these 20 minutes involve? Nobody is quite sure. One thing we do know is that we won’t be seeing any of what actor Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) describes as his “todger.”

An extended clip has recently been released. Watch it in full below (this isn’t any of the 20 minutes…..we think)

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