This Guy Couldn't Style His Daughter's Ponytail, So This Is What He Did


Greg Wickerherst is quite possibly the coolest single Dad, ever. After gaining sole custody of the cute little Izzy, he realised that after years spent with a shaved head, his hair styling skills just weren’t going to cut it. 



When the adorable 3 Year Old’s hair started getting long, this dad decided he was going to step up his game; and step up it up he did. During his lunch hour he asked local cosmetology student’s to go through the basics with him.

He told Buzzfeed News: ‘I spent a couple hours just working on a mannequin and she showed me how to do a bun, a french braid, all the different styles,’


He went on to say: “It blew my mind how easy it was to do a bun,” he said. “I thought it was something super special, like real intricate, especially the one where you don’t finish pulling the ponytail.”

“I thought, Oh my god, that’s so pretty for something that’s so simple,” he added. “I don’t think most guys know that it’s that simple.”

He has now taken to updating his Facebook with all of the adorable styles he does for he daughter, with mothers all pitching in to give him tips and ideas. Too cute.



Round of applause to this Dad who really took his job seriously. You can check out the full album of his photos on his Facebook page, here.

Photo Credit: Greg Wickerherst/Facebook

H/T: Buzzfeed

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