This Good Samaritan Drew Something Cool On A Pay-For Cash Machine



A helpful stranger is helping Glasgow residents avoid having to pay to withdraw money by scribbling a map to the nearest free ATMs on a pay-for cash point.

The cash machine in question  is built into the side of Charing Cross station in Glasgow, Scotland, and charges users £1.99 to withdraw money.

But thanks to a graffiti map (complete with arrows and time estimates) scrawled on the machine, customers are taking a short detour to a free cash point and saving themselves the money.

‘It’s a bit ridiculous but I thought it was quite funny,’ said Stephen Kirkwood, 25, a music producer, who tweeted a picture of the treasure map.

Now, we’re not going to endorse graffiti, but it would be pretty handy if one of these popped up at the ATM near us.. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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