The Tinder Experiment That Is Exposing Paedophiles


Tinder Experiment

One month ago, a YouTube account, The Tinder Experiment, posted a disturbing video of two men, one 31 and the other 43, meeting up with who they believed was a 15-year-old girl from Tinder.

It’s reminiscent of Hunter Stinson’s show The Paedophile Hunter which aired on Channel 4 last year. The girl in the video, going by the name Imogen, is 21 but claiming to be 15. 

The video disclaimer says:

“No conversations were initiated by Imogen or anyone involved with producing these videos.
At no point were sexual intentions implied, either directly or indirectly. 
No promise, encouragement or consent was given by Imogen to engage in any intimate activity at any point.
No party involved was physically harmed at any point or threatened with violence.

The purpose of this video is to raise the awareness of inappropriate behaviour on mobile dating apps.
No defamation is intended, and as such, all efforts have been made to disguise the identity of those involved. 

No conversations or messages were intentionally taken out of context. “

One woman in the comments asked if any criminal charges had been brought against the men. They replied:

“Nope. The police described our videos as “tainted evidence”. They did, however, take notes on all the men so they’ll have background information on them in case they do anything in the future. They’re now aware of their existence and will be keeping a close eye on them. At least that’s something”

Watch the video in full here.

According to MTV, police in Victoria, Australia, have told them to stop posting videos and basically shut down their operation. 

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