This Abandoned Dog Was Moments Away From Death Before An Incredible Turn Around Saved Him



When this dog, Patrick, was found, he was emaciated and barely alive. His barbarous owner  had left him to starve and then threw him down a garbage chute that was 22 stories high and left him for dead. A maintenance worker found the poor puppy moments before he was about to be put into a trash compactor.

Patrick was taken to a veterinary office in New Jersey.


He was so badly emaciated he was thought to be dead.


No one at the veterinary services thought that he’d make it through the night.


But somehow he did.


Still, he wasn’t safe yet. At just 19 pounds and with a body temperature so low that it didn’t register on the thermometer, his chances were small.


Every additional day he continued to live was a victory.


He tried his hardest to stay alive.


Slowly he began to get better.


He gained weight, he grew back his fur and began to look like a dog again.


His worst days were consigned to the past.


He even developed a playful nature again and began acting like a normal dog.


Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, the hospital’s administrator, adopted him.


It took a year, but he finally reached full health. What an incredible transformation.

His former owner is being charged with neglect and abandonment, as she should, and Patrick’s miraculous story is being used to advocate for stricter animal abuse laws in the US.

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