10 Disturbing Medical Images from History


1. Triple Amputee


The thirty-two year old man pictured here had his legs and one arms crushed by a railroad car which was transporting building materials. He had to have all three limbs amputated.

2. Blanche Dumas


Some of you will have heard of Blanche Dumas, she had three legs and two vaginas (and four breasts too).


3. Cyclopia


Cyclopia is a rare birth defect in which the body is unable to properly separate the two eye sockets meaning that they remain merged as one. Unfortunately, the majority of babies suffering this disease are stillborn but if they survive it is not usually for more than a few hours.

4. Elephantiasis


The man above – suffering from elephantiasis – was so distressed by his condition that he begged for amputation. The doctors instead opted for an  experimental surgery which successfully removed much of the excess tissue. Sadly, however, he died five months later.

5. Enlarged Bosom


This unfortunate woman suffered from bilateral hypertrophy of both breasts. Amazingly she survived an operation to remove them both. After being removed the left breast weighed seventeen pounds and the right weighed an incredible forty-three pounds.

6. Foot Deformity


The foot defect pictured above happened at birth and can also happen in the hands as well

7. Giant


This is the skeleton of John Aasen (1890-1938) who was employed in the circus as a sideshow. John also featured in some Hollywood movies with his 7’1/2″ (214cm) height proving useful.

8. Chinese Fingernails.


As a symbol of high social standing, high members of the Chinese aristocracy would often grow their fingernails to an excessive length. it was basically to prove to people they didn’t need their hands to work.

9. Neurofibromatosis


This man suffered from neurofibromatosis. It is a genetic disorder in which your nerves grow tumours. If one of your parent’s suffers from this illness you have a 50% chance of inheriting it.

10. Widow Sunday


This is a wax model of Madame Dimanche, known as Widow Sunday,  she had a 9.8 inch horn on her head. It took six years to grow so long. It was removed successfully by a French surgeon.

H/T: Ebaumsworld

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