This Dad Was Forced To Choose Between His Son And His Wife


A mother has left her husband and newborn baby because he was born with Downs Syndrome. The father, Samuel Forrest, was given the ultimatum by his wife when he told her he wanted to raise the child regardless of his learning disability.



Cute little Leo was born on Jan. 21 in an Armenian hospital, where doctors there broke the news to him that the baby was born with Down syndrome. The mother decided she did not want to raise him.
“I had a few moments of shock,” the father told ABC News. But when he held his newborn for the first time, he fell in love.
“I looked at this guy and I said, he’s beautiful,” Forrest said of the meeting. “He’s perfect and I’m absolutely keeping him.”

When he went to see his wife in the hospital room, she gave him an “ultimatum.”
“She told me if I kept him, then we would get a divorce,” Forrest said.
His wife filed for divorce a week later. Forrest said he was also no longer welcome in the home that they had lived in with her family.

Samuel has since turned to GoFundMe for support with raising his adorable little son and has already surpassed his original goal of $60,000 and have raised over $190,000 to help him raise Samuel. The link to his GoFundMe page is here


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