Cooking Will Be Awesome If You Get Your Hands On These Products


Bored of your kitchen utensils? The normal knife and fork just not cutting it? (..Sorry). Here are  kitchen utensils that are borderline useless. But they look damn cool.

1. Electric spinning fork. Of course.



2. Don’t know about you, but we only eat our eggs square in this office

desktop-1422286974 (1)


3. Butter slicer. Yeah we don’t know either.



4. If you feel inspired by the Butter Slicer, meet it’s sister-from-another-mister the butter spreader

desktop-1422286973 (1)


5. Sharky tea infuser, for when you’ve lost the excitement you once had about tea-making



6. Pacman oven mitt

desktop-1422286908 (1)


7. Hedgehog cheese grater. We can’t help but wonder how one cleans this bad boy without losing a few layers of skin



8. Pastasaurus. We don’t know what it does, but we want it.



9. ManaTEA. For those days when your mug just needs a friend



10. Wooden drumstick spoons

desktop-1422286905 (1)


11. Alli-grater (geddit?)



12. Samuri Sword knife holder

desktop-1422286903 (1)


13. Steam ship



14. Monkey peeler

desktop-1422286902 (1)

15. The most adorable soup ladles you will ever see


16. Peli-can

desktop-1422286900 (1)

17. Anyone can do DIY with this bad boy


18. Jaws takes an odd twist

desktop-1422286899 (1)

19. Just… because



H/T: Ebaumsworld

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