Community Stunned By What Teens Did To Their Neighbourhood


There seems to been a general feeling of hopelessness about the younger generations, with older citizens claiming them to be lazy and housebound and complaining of their dependence on technology. It’s great when  they’re proved wrong though, as shown by a group of teenage boys in Colorado, USA. These guys got up at the crack of dawn and shoveled the snow from every single driveway and pavement in their community, without ever being asked to.  

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Local residents are calling it something “you just don’t see anymore.”

This random act of kindness was completely unexpected, and when local parents offered the teens a cash reward, the teenagers refused. They gave in when offered hot chocolate though, obvs. We can only assume there were mini marshmallows on offer, no one can say no to those bad boys.

After the teens finished their good deed, they enjoyed an afternoon filled with multiple rounds of hot chocolate and rewarded themselves with a some well deserved sledding down a local hill.

“It’s just kind of the best way I think we could spend a Sunday,” Mirabella added. Top lads.

Here’s to acknowledging more of the good things young people are doing.

Check out the video:

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