Burger King Now Delivers, Is Your Postcode On The List?



Fast food fanatics, rejoice! The cool kids over at Burger King have finally answered our prayers and are rolling out a new home delivery scheme. Hell to the yes. Hint hint, nudge nudge McDonalds.



The full nationwide version will be up and running later in the year, but this current beta version delivers to postcodes in Romford, Truro, Hornchurch, Skegness, Hull, Northampton, Hayes and Gants Hill.

Head over to the website www.burgerkingdelivers.co.uk and type in your post code to see if you’re one of the lucky eligible customers. And if you are, on behalf of the rest of the country, please order BK all day every day. If you guys order enough food, they’ll make it available to the rest of us sooner. It’s only fair, guys.

Let us know in the comments if you’re one of the lucky post codes! Tweet us a picture if you get it delivered @lovehellou, we’re dying to see it in action!

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