This Two-Century-Old Mummified Monk Is 'Not Dead' Say Buddhists




We’re no experts but at first glance we would say this 200-year-old mummified monk looks pretty dead.  Well, there are people out there, academics no less, that would disagree with us. 

A Buddhist academic has said this monk may not be dead but in a “very deep meditation”The preserved body caused a stir last week when it was discovered in the lotus position, covered in cattle skin, close to the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

An expert is now claiming that the monk may have been in a rare spiritual state known as “tukdam”.

Ganhugiyn Purevbata, professor of the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art at Ulaanbaatar Buddhist University, told The Siberian Times 

“Lama is sitting in the lotus position vajra, the left hand is opened, and the right hand symbolizes of the preaching Sutra. his is a sign that the Lama is not dead, but is in a very deep meditation according to the ancient tradition of Buddhist lamas”



Nobody knows exactly who the monk is as yet but experts have been falling over themselves to make predictions. The most common theory is that the monk was a teacher of the Buryat Buddhist Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, who was born in 1852, and was reported to have died in 1927 while meditating.

When his body was examined by Buddhist monks in 1955 and again in 1973, Itigilov reportedly remained in the lotus position and his body did not appear to show signs of decay, like in the case here. 

It’s certainly not something you see every day, that’s for sure.

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