Scan Reveals Big Surprise Inside Statue



Researchers were examining a 1000-year-old Buddha statue in Holland when they discovered something a little out of the ordinary. Hidden inside was a meditating mummy.

┬áThe Meander Medical Center in the dutch city of Amersfoot have been calling it their “oldest patient ever.” They used a CT scanner to take images of the body inside the statue.


The mummy is believed to be that of Liuquan, a Buddhist monk who died in China around 1,100 A.D. During their examination. The mummy’s internal organs had been removed and the space filled with “paper scraps that were printed with ancient Chinese characters,” the hospital said. This has treasure hunt written all over it.

The statue was on display as part of the “Mummies: Life Beyond Death” exhibition at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands last year. This was the first time it had been let out of China.

Being mummified suggests that Liuquan had reached enlightenment before death. We can’t help but wonder what he’d have had to say on modern day topics such as selfies, Scientology and who killed Lucy Beale.

Source: Meander Medical Center

H/T; The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post

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