Arsenal Fan's Innocent Instagram Post Accidentally Turns Into The Funniest Thing On The Internet


We do feel a little sorry for this Arsenal fan. He tried to do something nice for his mum and ended up being the laughing stock of the Internet.

He posted the below image on Instagram yesterday, hoping to show his followers what a lovely day he and his mother were having. Maybe it was the pre-match excitement, maybe he’d had one too many beers before kick off, or maybe he is just that innocent. Whatever it was, he really should have proof read his post.


What he meant to say was “Choosing to take my lovely mother to an Arsenal game this fine Sunday.” That would definitely have been more appropriate for Arsenal’s famed prawn sandwich brigade.

It wasn’t all bad for our unlucky with words Gooner. At least he and his mother witnessed them cruise to a 5-0 win over goal shy Aston Villa. The highlight of the victory was this delicious flick from Mesut Özil to set up the opening goal. 

Social media notoriety is temporary but hopefully the pair’s memories from the day are permanent. 

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