This $4000 Proposal Didn't Go According To Plan



Warning, this story comes with plenty of burn.

Planning for this extravagant gesture began back in January. Melbourne based Michael wanted to marry Maree, the woman he had spent the past eight years with. The two had had some problems recently and actually broke up last year, not the traditional vantage point from which people usually dive in with the biggest question of them all. But then it wasn’t a traditional proposal either.

Michael forked out thousands of dollars to have the words ‘Maree Marry Me’ with a love heart to next to it splashed across the bright blue midday sky on Thursday.

That part went to plan and his grandiose gesture was the talk of the city with hundreds of people tweeting images trying to figure out who the big romantic was.


But she said no. Ouch!

Michael called in to a local radio station and told them what had happened. He later told Daily Mail Australia:

‘We talked about it a few weeks earlier and I thought there’s got to be something else I can do to show I care about her. I thought it would be a nice idea to see her name up in the sky and let her know how much she means.’


All that build up, all that pain, it’s hard not to feel sorry for Michael. He has taken it bravely though and doesn’t regret the idea.

‘For what the intention was for me it wasn’t expensive, I would have paid anything. At least I know I’ve tried my best.’

Amen to that.

H/T: The Daily Mail

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