A 3-Year-Old Boy Recalls Past Life, Locates His Body and Identifies The Man Who Murdered Him



This story has gone viral these week, probably because it’s so bizarre.

A 3-year-old boy started telling people about his so-called “past life.” Obviously his parents didn’t take him seriously. Imaginary friends, talking alone and believing in the tooth fairy are all standard behavior in children.

But things took an extremely weird twist. This kid leads his parents to the spot where he claims he was buried after being murdered! These parents had to give in to the kid, so they actually started to dig.

Did they find anything? Apparently so, a HUMAN CORPSE! It get’s better. The kid then says he was murdered with an axe, and led them to where the actual axe was buried.

The red mark on the boys forehead is in the same place where the corpse was struck with an axe. Even creepier is when the kid was able to reveal his old name, where he had lived, and here’s the shocker – who had killed him! The little boy even confronted his killer, who ends up giving in and admitting what he had done.

Watch the video here and scroll down for further investigation into the story’s validity.


We’re cynics, generally speaking. We don’t exactly get much to go on with regards to detail. The only concrete bit of info is the name of the doctor, Eli Lasch. He died in 2009, so he existed at least.

German therapist Trutz Hardo wrote about the story after Lasch told him. Lasch was part of the Druze ethnic group, a group of people for whom reincarnation is a core belief.

And that’s where the trail runs dry. We have no more specifics to run on. So, if this story is to be believed, we have to take Eli Lasch’s word for it….

Having looked at the evidence, or lack there of, but been deeply entertained by it all. We’re going to file this one under ‘cool story bro.’ Or in other words, we have no idea if it’s true, but we liked it.

I asked the man in charge if he fancied paying for me to go to Golan Heights to investigate further, but apparently that won’t be happening.

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