This Man Learned The Hard Way Why You Don't Swear At Strangers On Public Transport



The Tube can be a crowded and miserable place at times, especially during rush hour when it is inevitable that you will end up unintentionally blowing on someones ear or reading their copy of The Metro. Most people put their head down and silently pray for the ordeal to be over as soon as possible.

There is that odd occasion, however, when someone just can’t hack the closeness of it all. This happened last week when two men were both trying to exit the train at Monument station. Matt Buckland was on his way to work at Venture Capital firm Forward Partners, when one passenger tried to push past him. Matt told the passenger that he was getting off the train too, but the man in question pushed past him regardless and then looked back and suggested he might like to f**k himself.Not to worry, we all say things that are out of order every now and then, at least this was just a random stranger.Oh, wait…


The interviewee apparently didn’t recognise Matt at first, but the penny dropped after he asked a few searching morning commute-related questions.

Ouch. That must have been one of those kill me now moments. Oh no, you must have misheard, I was saying go fund yourself, you deserve a nice long holiday, now about my CV.

Fortunately for the pleasant job seeker in question it seems like Matt isn’t one to hold a grudge for too long.

Matt told Buzzfeed, “It would be easy to hold something like this over someone in an interview, but for me interviews aren’t about that. When you interview you are looking for a read of skills, but also to know if that person is a real human being, it’s about that connection.

“By the end of the interview we laughed it off and were both happy.”

To put you out of your suspense, the man in question didn’t get the job. We don’t know the reasons, but we’re going to take on punt on him being overqualified. 

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