The Joke Application That Got Accepted For The Apprentice



This may come as a shock but it appears that whoever chooses the successful applicants for the BBC’s Apprentice may not be selecting people based purely on business acumen. Crazy, right?

Comedian Phil Lucas claims to have a joke application accepted and if he is to be believed then he will be auditioning for the show this weekend. Below is the application that he posted to Twitter yesterday.


Phil has clearly picked up on the fact that the contestants have an incredible ability to get suited, booted and looking sharp in a measly 20 minutes, something that has always struck us as impressive, especially considering how many of them are in the house sharing bathrooms.

He then tweeted this:


What about his business plan? Well, he has that covered. Below is his diagram of a Jamiroquai themed Virtual Insanity theme park. The more we think about it, the better this idea seems. Imagine having a ride called Canned Heat, the options are endless.


Who knows, five years from now teenagers could be spending their 13th birthday rushing off sugar and adrenalin at the Virtual Insanity theme park.

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