15 Dodgy Lifehacks That Nobody Asked For


We love a good lifehack here at helloU, but for all of those brilliant ideas floating around there are one or two that are a waste of brain space. Well, 15 to be precise.

1. How to get free coffee


Thanks for that. All of the coffee is free in prison, right?

2. Parking anywhere


It only costs you your conscience….

3. The cure for the common cold…



4. It’s a good job they asked first…



5. Making instant noodles in a kettle


You know what’s really worth having noodle flavoured coffee for the rest of your life, saving the energy on washing up that one pan!

6. This…


She will put Boots and The Body shop out of business if she’s not careful.

7. Fill a bucket easily with a dustpan


Or spray water all over the bathroom. This is just a game of cleaning roulette

8. The selfish elevator hack


Unless you’re desperate for the toilet, or carrying a dead body in a bag, surely those extra few seconds aren’t all that important.

9. Crayon candles



10. Use steel wool and a battery to start a fire easily in case of an emergency, because this won’t end badly at all.



11. Make mess free pancakes by putting the batter into an empty ketchup bottle.


Cleaning out a ketchup bottle will be super easy, not to mention how clean and crisp a task it is to fill the bottle up.

12. Make sandwiches at home with this clever panini press hack


Just NO!

13. Short on cash? Make cheap after-dinner mints using toothpaste.


We don’t want to be square, but doesn’t it say on the tube not to eat it?

14. Disguise a beer with this easy DIY


You may get cut to shreds with the exposed razor sharp metal, but we’re all hardcore LAD’s, right?

15. Can of dust remover + tooth pick = office war victory


Ok, we’ve never tried it, but it has formal complaint written all over it.

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