When 12 Box Fans Are Placed Around A Fire The Outcome Is Pure Awesome


This looks really cool and it’s pretty simple to achieve too. Although, having said that, it looks pretty dangerous, please don’t be trying this in your back garden. It was created by Unallocated Space. Let’s take a closer look.

1. They got the fire going and circled it with the box fans, all at a slight angle.



2. They turned on the fans on low to start.



3. They began adjusting the fans to spiral the flame, it took them quite a while to get each one perfect.


4. As the flame got bigger,they backed the fans off so that they didn’t melt. Once the flame started standing up, they turned the fans to high.



5. They started to see what they all came here for…



6. A fire tornado!



7. Awesome.


Watch this cool video of it all here.

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