How Will Technology Change Sex In A Year? 15 Years? 30 Years?


Future Of Sex

Sex is the very essence of human existence For us lucky humans it’s not just about the reproduction, it’s about pleasure too. It’s also something that is ever changing. With increasingly advanced sex toys and a wide array of individual tastes thrown into the steamy pot it makes you wonder what’s around the corner, what will change in the next year? How drastic will the changes be in the next 30 years? Let’s take a look.

The next year or two

Men could have birth control options other than a condom


Vasalgel and RISUG are almost upon us. Think of it as a short term vasectomy. They won’t be useful in preventing STD’s, but they will for preventing pregnancy. This could be ideal for a couple in a steady relationship who don’t want to have kids yet. Studies suggest that the injection takes effect within five days.

RISUG is being tested in India, and Vasalgel has been tested on baboons. Makers of both products realistically hope to hit the market in 2016.

Apps to ‘improve’ performance


We recently told you about Skea, the video game app that exercises the pelvic muscles and according to its owners, makes women better in bed. The product ran a Kickstarter campaign towards the end of last year and investors should soon be receiving their prototypes.

Smartphone Controlled Sex Toys


Ideal for couples wanting to stay intimate from a distance. It seems there is a race to the finish line with multiple companies offering similar alternatives. Vibease, We-vibe and  Ohmibod all have products available or coming soon that will enable users to control a vibrator from afar. Some even have functions that will allow you to talk dirty, which was pretty much all phone sex used to be.

Penis problems? make it bigger

Have you seen Unhung Hero? It’s a documentary about a guy who travels the world trying to make his penis bigger. The poor man was rejected when he proposed on Kiss Cam, only to later discover that the desire of his eyes was in fact unsatisfied with his manhood. For those that haven’t seen the movie his last stop is South Korea where new permanent penis enlargement operations are now available. Surgeons perform an operation, known as ligamentolysis, that adds more tissue to the captain, giving small gains in girth and length. 

This procedure is still very much in its infantry stage, expect it to grow (no pun intended) in the coming years.

Straying off topic slightly


One of the latest products to hit the market is the Vajankle, perhaps among the most disturbing sex toys ever. We’re pretty sure you will guess its use from the image. What will we think of next?

Within a decade

A condom revolution?


Last year Bill Gates donated a six figure sum to an Australian company trying to make the “next-generation condom … made to act and feel more like real skin.” It is essentially hydro gel with researchers suggesting it could feel like real skin, and thus encourage more men to practice safe sex.

Penis Problems? Grow a new one


Scientists at North Carolina’s Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are right now, as you read this, growing penises in laboratories. The technology is yet to gain the necessary approval for human transplants. The treatment is supposed to be for individuals with traumatic injuries or diseases, but who knows where it could evolve from there?

Getting down and dirty with a…..hologram!


Tupac’s  appearance on stage at the 2012 Coachella Festival signaled an era of freakishly realistic holograms. It is already possible to produce interactive holograms. Bearing in mind the popularity of pornography, it is perhaps a realistic notion that at some point in the future we will take the technology available to us and make it possible to have intercourse with holograms of our favourite stars. This begs a serious moral dilemma,  if your other half has his or her way with a hologram, is that cheating or just virtual reality? Deep.

Total Gender Change

Gender AAAH

Sex change operations are common now, but could it be possible that medical technology will be able to change the gender of anyone to the opposite gender, with FULL reproductive abilities of the new gender? HPlus magazine seems to think so, and they have compiled tons of data to suggest it will be possible. If they are right, then two people who are both born as males will theoretically be able to conceive and reproduce. That’s a game changer!

Done with people full stop? Bag yourself a robot.


Real Doll‘s are already on the market, but it’s most definitely a doll. The future, however, may offer much more realistic options. It’s increasingly possible for robots to appear more human and interact with us. If people are willing to buy products such as the real doll then surely they won’t hesitate with a robot in the future. It’s already been predicted in movies, and it has to be said that this one has an air of inevitability about it.

The Very Distant Future

Screw it, let’s give those robots our hearts and souls.


In the movie Her, Joaquin Phoenix’s character literally falls in love with a computer. Madness, right? Apparently it’s not so ridiculous. Many of those who spend their time predicting the future are suggesting that “The Singularity” will happen. This will mean that computers can reason and contain a code of ethics.

Put that artificial intelligence into a body and anything is possible. Ray Kurzweil is predicting that we could be giggling and sharing romantic moments with a robot as early as 2029. 

Here is that same man, Ray Kurzweil, talking about the possibilities for the future.

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H/T: MTV, HPlusMagazine, Gizmodo

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