This Waterloo Station Jobseeker Has Had An Incredible Change In Fortunes


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Do you remember Alfred Ajani? He went viral last year with his innovative approach to his job search. After applying for more than 300 jobs and getting nowhere he decided to go and stand at Waterloo station, all suited up, holding a placard with details of his CV on there.

It worked, and very quickly he found himself a position in marketing and PR at  The Asoria Group. 



Less than six months later and the tables have turned. Now Alfred is back at Waterloo station, but this time with a different sign. He posted the before and after picture on Twitter under the heading “Same spot – different sign”. The picture has been re-tweeted hundreds of times and he has been inundated with requests for jobs on the social media site.

helloU spoke to Alfred earlier today and he gave us an insight into how things have changed since he initially started his job search. 

“At the time it was important to remain level headed. Suddenly a lot of people were getting in touch with offers and I wanted to remain respectful and work out what was best for me.”

After a few months in his new role Alfred is happy that he “made the best decision.” His advice for graduates who find themselves in the same position as he was is “know what makes you different and separate yourself from the rest.”

With the job market often attracting doom and gloom coverage it’s great to see a real success story.

For those who are interested Alfred’s firm are looking to hire up to 20 consultants and a new member for their operations team. Visit their site for more info

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