A Video Game Controller That Goes In Unmentionable Places And Makes You Better At Sex


Vagina COntroller

If any guys clicked through thinking that you were about to enter utopia, we extend our sincerest of apologies, but this one is for the women. Tom Chen has invented a video game that women play using their vaginas, with one of its benefits being that it should make them better at sex.

Chen’s brainchild is SKEA, or Smart Kegel Exercise Aid. It’s to be used in conjunction with the mobile phone game “Alice in Continent,” also designed by Chen. Women insert the SKEA into their vaginas and help their characters run, jump, and duck by using their pelvic floor muscles.

Chen wrote on his Kickstarter page “Strong pelvic floor muscles can enhance arousal and improve sensation, orgasm quality, and general sexual experience. Men also prefer his female partner to have stronger pelvic muscles, due to stronger contact forces and grip during the course.”


After receiving multiple requests and suggestions, Chen and his team have decided to upgrade the motor power, which will help increase the device’s erotic function.  

Truth be told, it’s not all about the down and dirty. The product has many health benefits. What better way to learn about it all than from this incredibly enthusiastic Tom Chen below.

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