Snapchat Just Backtracked Very Quickly, Are You Happy About This?



The stalkers people have spoken. It must have been a pretty sweaty 24 hours in the Snapchat office as it seems they have already backtracked on their recent controversial update and in the process made a mockery of our “Snapchat has changed forever” statement, the darned teases. 

For those who are unaware, Snapchat recently got rid of its best friends feature. What they probably never saw coming was the backlash from all the angry users that can no longer check to see who their partners have been snapping. 

The feature looked like this:


For those that welcomed the latest update, we suggest that you make the most of it while you can, as Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, tweeted that they will be bringing the best friends feature back soon. 


A few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private? Changing the system for high profile people, has social media turned into politics? In Evan’s defence, what he is probably trying to say is that some users who are more likely to be targeted by hackers want to be as secure as possible. That’s fair enough considering there seems to be an army of whiz-kids locked up in their bedrooms determined to use their extraordinary talents to expose nudes of just about anyone at the minute.

For those of you worried about nudes a little closer to home your stalking armoury will soon be complete again. On the flipside, for those enjoying the current bout of freedom, use it wisely, time is against you.

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