Snapchat Has Changed Forever



From completely out of nowhere, Snapchat have thrown a curve-ball and the Internet went nuts about it. The heinous crime? They have removed the best friends feature, the rotten scoundrels!

What does that mean? It means that no longer will people be able to see who someone else’s most regular snap buddies are.

What does it really mean? Some insecure people will have one less resource to use when checking up on their partner.



But wait? There’s more to Discover?

There is a whole new Discover feature. Snapchat will be letting you see daily content from brands such as ESPN, The Daily Mail etc. The new Discover page is an always-on, daily refreshed channel guide serving up disappearing content alongside brand advertisements.

Remember when the bosses at Snapchat turned down an offer of hundreds of trillions of pounds to sell? Everyone was asking how on earth they will ever make a penny? The Discover feature is the answer to that question.

A hidden treasure….

aaaa have discovered a cool hidden feature in the most recent update. They said:

“The new feature (which doesn’t seem to have an official name yet, so I’m going to call it a “Ghostcode” for now) shows you a Snapchat logo with random holes in it.

It looks innocent enough, but it’s actually a secret QR code for you to share with people outside Snapchat so they can add easily add you.

You can access your Ghostcode from the Snapchat camera, then by tapping the ghost logo at the top of the screen”

Enough of all this information already, let’s remind ourselves of what’s really going on here.


Image Sources: Nextweb

H/T: Tech Crunch, NextWeb, IBTimes

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