Rita Ora's 'Revealing' Outfit On The One Show Gets 400 Complaints



The Voice’s new coach Rita Ora got off to a testing start after some of The One Show viewers didn’t like the plunging neckline part of her trouser suit. It provoked 399 people to call in and complain.

 The 24-year-old singer appeared in a white Ermanno Scervino trouser suit with nothing underneath the blazer. 

On the BBC’s Points of View message board, one post said: “Isn’t it about time the BBC had a dress code?

“I do not want to see her boobs hanging out on a family programme.

“I find it quite disgraceful.”

Another post read: “I am no prude but found it totally inappropriate.”

Ora 2

 It wasn’t all Rita bashing, some viewers did stick up for her. 

One post read: “Seen more on a cold beach in Bournemouth in April.” 

And another said: “Lordy me…all of these complaints about a woman showing a bit of cleavage.

“This isn’t 1950, is it?”

Then this happened….


A BBC spokesman also said “we appreciate that tastes vary.”

Some found it ridiculous that in 2015 an apology was made….

Anna Davies wrote: “Arrrggghhh!!! Cleavage! Evil women’s boobies!! Won’t someone please think of the children!!!

“Honestly, women have breasts, we all know it, they aren’t disgusting taboo objects. I’m offended the female form is something to apologise for, but who cares.”

The Voice kicks off on Saturday with Rita Ora replacing Kylie Minogue on the panel. Tom Jones has already said in an interview that the standard of entrants was disappointing this year, but it can’t be any worse than the X Factor, surely?

Watch The One Show segment in full below.

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