The Most Poignant Image Shared Since The Charlie Hebdo Massacre


Charlie Hebdo

Touching tributes to the twelve killed during Wednesday’s attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices have flooded social media accounts.

Using the hashtag ‘Je Suis Charlie’, the world united in solitary, posting moving scenes from vigils, media tributes and emotional images from fellow cartoonists.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, midwife Marine Wood shared undoubtedly one of the most poignant photographs since the tragic news broke.

A newborn baby at a French hospital was photographed wearing an identity bracelet with the phrase ‘Je Suis Charlie’ written across.

The image was uploaded and shared on ‘Le Dada Blue’ Facebook page, and has since gone viral.

Je SUis

“The fist in the air, our future. Against any form of extremism”, the post read.

Earlier we reported on the touching cartoons from artists in response to the attack.

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