Man Tries To Kidnap Girl With Black Belt, Regrets It Instantly


Black Belt

This man chose the wrong girl to try and kidnap. The video below shows raw footage of a man trying to take a young girl in an elevator. The disguised figure comes in, there are some tense moments as the girl looks over her shoulder at him, and then as the door opens and she’s about to leave he makes his move.

But that’s when he gets taught a valuable lesson.  The girl fights back — and she doesn’t just throw a few punches and make a getaway, she knocks him down and keeps going at him until the doors open and he flees the scene with the little girl in hot pursuit.

This raises the big question: Is this video real or fake?

There’s been debate on both sides of the story. You never see their faces, and news reports never uncovered who this girl was.

MadWorldNews says:

“Some people think the video is staged and the man in the video may be an instructor or her dad. Some people think it is authentic and that the little girl gives the would be attacker the one thing he didn’t expect in a pint sized Ms. Bruce Lee. Either way, it is funny enough to give everyone a morning chuckle and keep them smiling the rest of the day.”

If nothing else it’s good motivation for people to learn martial arts and to be able to protect themselves.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think.

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