Keith Richards Has Some Choice Words For Justin Bieber



If you were to dream up the biggest rock n roll mismatch going, then Justin Bieber and Keith Richards would surely make the short-list. A recent report in US weekly told of how the 71-year-old guitarist, dicer with death, and general bad-ass Keith Richards had a few choice words for the young, definitely not photoshopped, Calvin Klein model. 

The scene of the showdown was the ‘tiny beach bar’ on the luxurious Parrot Cay island. A source told US weekly, ‘There was an old guy throwing back drinks who said, “Who the f*** are you?”‘ to Justin.

When the 20-year-old pop singer shot back, ‘I don’t know, who the f*** are you?’ Keith became ‘amused.’

According to the eyewitness, Keith said, ‘You’re a man, I respect that.‘ Then walked away. When Justin learned who he’d just met he said ‘Oh s***. That was Keith Richards?’

Justin then tried to ‘bro down with him.’ Keith was unimpressed, turning to the singer and saying ‘Let’s get one thing straight. You’re a wannabe.’

It wasn’t all a face-losing exercise for Justin though, apparently the two did swap numbers.

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