Jobless Man Who Fathered 26 Kids With 15 Women Gets A New Gift



Meet Peter Rolfe, he is arguably Britain’s most fertile man. Peter has fathered 26 kids with 15 different women. That equates to sending a birthday card to one of his children once every two weeks. He must hate it when the price of stamps go up. Peter will be doing some celebrating of his own at the moment, having just bagged a new £300,000 five-bedroom council house.

Jobless Peter, who earns £46,000 a year in state benefits, described his previous three-bedroom home as a “prison” and insisted his local council had a “duty” to give him a bigger property.

The Daily Mail published his family tree, or half of it, seeing as there are so many unknowns on it. 


Peter has more critics than he has children. It’s been 20 years since Peter last worked, which upsets a lot of people as the benefits he is reported to be earning is twice the national average income of an employed person. He told his critics, “I am not living in a mansion”

Someone agrees with Peter, the Local Government Ombudsman to be precise. The watchdog has ruled that Peter’s local council on the Isle of Wight must pay him £1,000 compensation for the “serious injustice” of keeping him in a smaller home.


Peter shares the new house with 6 of his children and 2 grandchildren. He told The Sun, “the new house is better than what I had before. “It is bigger. And the people who live in the street have been very good. They have welcomed me.”

After news of Peter’s new house came out he got a lot of people calling him a scrounger. He defended himself by saying, “I haven’t had a holiday since the 1970s. I don’t own a car, smoke and I gave up drink nine years ago. I don’t do drugs. I am simply a single dad trying to raise nine children on his own.”

Peter’s situation has divided opinion. Some, including the local council, say that he is playing the system. Where as others say that he is the victim of a media witch-hunt. Tell us what you think in the comments. 

H/T: The Mirror, Daily Mail

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