The Internet Freaks Out After Office Workers Are Caught On Camera Harassing A Delivery Guy


This video recently surfaced of office workers at a used car dealership harrasing a delivery guy. They paid for a $42 bill, with two twenties and two fives ($5 more than needed), and didn’t ask for change. They then called his manager and demanded he come back:


The video was originally posted to their channel, mistakenly thinking others would find it as funny as they did. It’s fair to say that no one found it amusing. Live leak described it as follows:

“A used car dealer in Massachusetts pays a pizza delivery guy $20 in one dollar bills on a $12 tab. The driver, thinking he received a decent tip, leaves only to have them call his manager and force him to return to pay them their change, sans any tip whatsoever.

Worse, they seem to think it’s funny and posted it. Check the blowhard at the end threatening to call and have the guy fired.
The video was picked up by users of anonymous forum 4Chan and in typical form they began pulling together the personal information of the company and employee’s involved.

Their Facebook page was inundated with messages and comments from hundreds of angry internet do-gooders, getting back at the company for their actions and their page has since been taken down.


The pizza place in question was a local joint called Pizza Palace and the manager that night, Willoughby, says he got a call from F&R Auto Sales saying that Tansey (the driver) had “verbally berated” them. He said they took the call seriously at first and asked Tansey about the interaction. After Tansey explained what had happened, managers decided not to discipline the driver.“This isn’t the first time we have had problems with F&R Auto,” Willoughby said.“All the time, there’s always a problem, always an issue,” Hernandez, owner of Pizza Palace said. “We’ve been going back and forth with them for a long time.”

Palace Pizza has been getting supportive calls all day from across America, and several people have pledged to raise or donate money for Tansey.

In addition, the owner of the dealership and his son came by to apologize to Palace Pizza in person on Wednesday.

“I was the manager on that night, and today they came and spoke to me, profusely apologized,” Willoughby said. “We both want to make things right between us. We don’t want any bad blood.”

Commenters who claim to have seen the YouTube video before it was made private identify the dealership as F & R Auto Sales in Westport. Review pages of that dealership on Yelp and Google were being flooded with negative ratings on Wednesday, and some of them are pretty hilarious. In addition, the dealership’s website struggled to load.

The local police have now confirmed they are investigating the ‘harrassment’ of the company.

Do you think the internet has been too harsh? Should they be punished more? Will they ever get out of this hole they’ve dug for themselves?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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