'Heartbroken' Man Makes Startling Discovery After Finally Deciding To Get A New Dog


Dog Discovery

Imagine losing something that you cared for so much that it left you in tatters, spending over a year recovering from that loss, and then that something suddenly comes back into your life again. That’s what happened to Richard Brower, and that something was his German shepherd named Dozer.

Richard was in bits when he realised that Dozer had been stolen from his back yard. Naturally, Richard hoped that Dozer would somehow return, but by the time 18 months had passed he had lost all hope. 

Then came an obscure twist of fate. Richard was browsing through  the website for the Claresholm Rescue Society. Who did he see staring back at him? Dozer, of course. Probably thinking that he was trippin’, Richard called his father, who lived close to the shelter, and asked him to swing on by and check that it was actually Dozer.  


“One of the first things I taught [Dozer] was to snap my fingers, and then he’ll come around to my right side and wait for his second command,” Richard said. “So I asked dad to go in the cage. The lady was there, and I didn’t say what he would do, I just said, ‘Snap your fingers.’”

“Then I said, ‘What did he do?’ He said, ‘He’s sitting on my right-hand side looking straight up at me,’” Richard recalled. “The lady at Claresholm started crying, I started crying, and all the other people at the shelter were crying.”

Soon after, Dozer was reunited with his owner and by the sounds of it Richard is spoiling him rotten, and rightfully so. 

“It was just amazing when he got home,” Brower said. “As soon as he got on the block, dad said his tail started wagging, and as soon as he pulled into the driveway I opened the door and he just flew right in and buried his head in my armpit and just started whining like a baby.”

We love a happy ending, even though this one came coupled with 18 months of uncertainty. 

H/T: Opposing Views, The Blaze

Image Source: Wikimedia

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