The Future Of The Umbrella Is Here, And It’s Pretty Freaking Sweet


The design of the umbrella has pretty much stayed the same for years, except for the various size changes… obviously. However, all of that may be fixing to change, and drastically at that. Developers in china have designed something quite incredible called the Air Umbrella, and it has no canopy or metal spokes. It simply uses air to divert the rain drops from hitting you.



It currently comes in three different sizes and the battery lasts for about 30 minutes when continuously running. The area of protection it provides is about three and half feet in diameter. Which would be like you or someone holding a normal size umbrella. They reached their December target and thus the product is expected to be released this year.










In a matter of months you can expect to see people with one of these. We think they will be costing around £80.


We think it’s awesome. There is a guy who gets drunk and does tech reviews. It’s all a little bit weird, here’s what he has to say.

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