Facebook Are Making Fresh Changes For Your Benefit



Facebook are making some changes to the way they organise your News Feed, with the aim of getting rid of fake news stories and hoaxes. This will mean less stories about dinosaurs being spotted in the Yorkshire Dales and competitions offering the chance to win tickets to Pluto will be popping up. For those that enjoy a bit of satire, don’t worry, that is still safe.

In a blog post uploaded yesterday they revealed that they are making a concerted effort to decrease the number of hoax stories you see. Take a look at the below example.



Facebook said, “People often share these hoaxes and later decide to delete their original posts after they realize they have been tricked,. These types of posts also tend to receive lots of comments from friends letting people know this is a hoax, and comments containing links to hoax-busting websites.”

Internal data shows that people are twice as likely to delete a post after receiving a friend’s clarifying comment.

Users will be given the option to report a new story as false.


While Facebook won’t delete or fact-check the content, it will reduce the distribution of posts that have been reported as false also add a warning to future sharers. The off-shoot of this is that you should be more in control of your news feed and seeing more relevant content. Fingers crossed.

If you’re a fan of satirical sites such as The Onion or The Daily Mash, don’t worry, the readers know that it’s satire and hence they don’t report it as fake. 

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