Everyone Is Mocking The REALLY Fake Baby In American Sniper



War film American Sniper has been eating up the headlines this week after being released in cinemas and breaking box office records.

As we reported yesterday, the movie has divided opinion. Regardless of the propaganda argument, something  much more serious has come to light today. The fake baby issue.

We’re not sure whether director Clint Eastwood ran out of his $60 million budget during filming or if Bradley Cooper just wasn’t to be trusted with a real baby. Either way, the baby in this scene is straight from the shelf at Argos.

Watch it here and read the Internet’s reactions below.

The critics didn’t take long to start throwing a few punches. “I have never seen so many terrible fake babies in one film,” Camilla Long wrote in The Sunday Times, while website HitFlix was amused that “Cooper looks like he’s just plain never held a baby”

There was naturally the odd tweet about it too.


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