Everyone Is Going Nuts Over The "Zombie Cat" That Came Back from the Dead


Zombie Cat

You’re on the Internet so you must be looking for the latest cat gossip. Well, you’ve come to the right place. A few days ago Fox reported that Bart the cat (above) was hit by a vehicle and left for dead.

His owner Ellie Hutson did what most people would do in the situation and gave Bart a proper send off, burying him under the ground near where the body was discovered. Ellie says Bart was “under a foot of dirt.”


Imagine the surprise when 5 days later Bart showed up in Ellie’s neighbour’s front garden. The stunned neighbour told the channel: “He [was] just sitting there looking at me purring, wanting food but obviously he couldn’t eat.”

Among Bart’s injuries were a severe trauma to the head, a broken jaw, and a dead eye.


Despite the injuries, Bart proved he still had some of his lives left. Doctors at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay have apparently wired together his fractures and put in a feeding tube. He is expected to live and return to something similar to a normal lifestyle.


It’s not known how Bart made pulled off his Houdini stunt but there are two theories knocking around. One is that Bart literally pulled of a 5 day Houdini trick and dug himself out of the ground. The other theory is that Bart’s brother went looking for him, found him after 5 days, and dug him out.

Either way, this cat is hard as nails and deserves our respect.

H/T: MyFoxTampaBay

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