Elderly Woman Arrested for Kidnapping Neighbour’s Cats & Making Fur Coats



An 85-year-old woman has been been arrested for allegedly kidnapping neighbour’s cats and making them into fur coats.

Local residents in Waco, Texas, couldn’t fathom where their cats were disappearing to so they hired a private investigator. Some residents even believe that they saw their own cats as a part of her fur coats. Imagine seeing what you think is your pet cat on the sleeve of an old lady. Quite how nobody lost their s**t with her we are not sure.

Eventually, the investigator managed to successfully videotape the woman stealing a neighbour’s cat. According to World News Daily Report, the accused admitted in court that she tried to raise her own cats, but became too attached to them.

Prior to being caught on tape, the woman had been denying all allegations.

Prosecutors allege that the retired fashion designer skinned the cats in her basement. Here she is in one of her fur coats.


It is estimated that 30 coats were required to make one jacket. Additional reports suggest that 20 skinned cats were found at the crime scene.

If found guilty, the woman may spend up to 18 months in prison. 

Here is the news report

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