Commuters Take Part In 'No Pants On The Tube Day' (Pictures)



Daring commuters across the globe took part in the 14th annual No Pants Subway Ride. What you see is what you get, people across the world’s biggest cities drop their trousers in chilly winter temperatures.

The tradition was originally started by comedy group Improv Everywhere – and has since been adopted around the world.


This year it is estimated that over 60 different cities took part, with people from London to Beijing stripping down to their undies.


The event organisers do insist that underwear is worn, but otherwise prefer passengers to look as if they are going about their daily business as usual, which is why lots of people are seen reading books and magazines.


The Londoner below should be proud of how well his bow tie matches his socks.




The New Yorker below fancies himself as the next Wolf of Wall St.


These women are braving Berlin’s cold.


A great effort all around, although we were a tad disappointed at the lack of Y-fronts.

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