This Cloud Lamp Creates A Thunderstorm Inside Your Bedroom. And It’s The Coolest Thing Ever


Depending on your personality, a thunderstorm while you sleep can either be oddly soothing or unadulterated terror. Now it can be brought straight into your bedroom. 

Richard Clarkson Studio created a real thunderstorm cloud.

The cloud lamp contains full motion sensors, microphones, and a high quality speaker system.


This “Cloud” is an interactive lamp and speaker that brings the sounds of roaring thunder into your bedroom. It has the ability to sense your presence by using a motion sensor to create your personal lightning storm.

Made from hypo-allergenic fibrefill,  the lamp encompasses a nightlight and music reactive modes.



You can control it using a wireless remote.



You control the cloud sounds and its sensitivity to movements around it.



The cost? About £2,000. Ouch





You can get non interactive ones a lot cheaper.


Watch it in action below.

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