They Bought This Abandoned 1700s Chateau But Didn't Know What Would Be Inside


When an Australian couple found this French chateau on the internet, they fell in love. 

The Chateau de Gudanes had been on the market for four years when Karina and Craig Waters saw it listed for sale. 
After literally years of negotiation, they finally became owners of their very own 18th century French chateau. The only catch was that they had never allowed to see more than the front facade. 
The previous owners harboured hopes of turning this historic building into a luxury hotel. When they couldn’t get the necessary permits approved, they let the building go into decay. 
Luckily, the Waterses saw beyond potential profits and decided to undertake the massive project of restoring the Chateau.
They plan to preserve as much of the original detailing and paint as possible.
The restoration is no small project. Huge portions of the interior were filled with rubble and made inaccessible in areas where the roof had collapsed, and years of inattention allowed water damage and mold to take over.
As builders sifted through the chaos, the Chaeau de Gudanes slowly revealed its hidden treasures. 
One day, a mysterious hole was discovered.
They decided it was worth exploring, and had the builders excavate it by hand, being sure not to damage anything found inside.
The “hole” has a vaulted ceiling, and is thought to be part of a tunnel leading into town. 
As they continue to open up new areas of the Chateau, the discoveries also take on a personal nature. Below is a marvelous find on a pillar in the first floor salon.
Slowly, but surely, the Chateau is regaining it’s charm. 
Just imagine how good the house parties would be.
You can follow their progress on Facebook.
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